We teach preschoolers in our Little Wing Program the creativity, confidence, and knowledge they need to grow into life-long lovers and practitioners of music. Music is the gateway to childrens’ growth, whether it’s in the form of great friendships from shared musical experiences or the joy that comes from hearing inspirational songs for the first time.

Our Little Wing students enjoy a unique variety of music-minded games based on some of the most popular music in rock and roll history. Through the lens of great music and with a solid foundation in fun, our students refine their motor skills, coordination, pre-literacy, and group cooperation in a safe and inclusive environment.

Young rockers in School of Rock’s Little Wing Program can expect:

  • Exploration of hand percussion and other tools to spark the imagination
  • Unique and engaging music games
  • Teamwork, cooperation, and group music activities
  • Fundamental skills for music and life
  • A combination of fun and practical learning, perfectly suited for growing minds

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