Does your child want to learn how to play guitar, how to sing or how to play piano? You may assume traditional music lessons for kids are the best solution, but the School of Rock experience is a better alternative.


At School of Rock, private music lessons are just a piece of a larger experience. Students work independently with trained instructors and rehearse with a group of similar students, with the goal of performing on stage as soon as possible. Unlike strictly one-on-one music programs, this performance-based approach teaches teamwork, collaboration and confidence.

All of our instructors teach kids how to play music through popular rock songs. Students hear a song they know, break it down with their instructor and learn to play it right away. Our immersive method provides context for the theory behind the music, helping kids understand it on a more fundamental level. These lessons are combined with group rehearsals to solidify basic music training with real-world experience.

Best of all, our approach applies to all skill levels.

Beginner musicians are enrolled in our Rock 101 program, where they learn the fundamentals and create a foundation for success. Through real songs, they learn basic arrangements and concepts like chord progressions, time signature, and scales. We pay special attention to these new learners to keep them excited, rather than frustrated as they learn to play music.

More advanced students elevate their abilities through our Performance Program, using more challenging songs as the basis of music instruction. From week one, students are assigned songs uniquely appropriate to their skill level to build confidence. And due to the way we cast our shows, everyone has a legitimate role in each performance.

We believe School of Rock offers the best music programs to learn guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums or voice techniques. In special cases, School of Rock offers separate private lessons that we call Lessons+. Along with weekly lessons, benefits include: access to special member-only artist events, programs and workshops, and discounts on show tickets.