School of Rock Announces 200th Franchise Opening!

School of Rock is opening its 198th, 199th and 200th franchises worldwide in July with grand openings in Haymarket, VA, Libertyville, IL, and Elk Grove, CA. These schools are respectively the 6th School of Rock to be opened in Virginia, 18th to be opened in Illinois, and 21st to be opened in California. In total, 32 of 50 US states are home to at least one School of Rock franchise.


Why have we grown so quickly? It's because School of Rock is not just another place to send your kid to take guitar lessons and learn a few scales. It’s a safe space where kids go to become more confident, more creative, and more focused.

At School of Rock, students don’t learn a few progressions to practice repeatedly in front of a teacher like traditional music class. School of Rock students are put through an accelerated path to get on stage and live their dream of becoming a performing drummer, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, or bassist in just three months. The secret is getting kids focused on performing their favorite rock music in front of an audience. The songs they learn to perform are then used as a way to illustrate the finer points of music in individual sessions that are tailored to that student's skill level.


Our instructors assign songs to their school bands that challenge every member of that band equally. Maybe the rhythm is simple enough for a first year bassist to pick up, but that guitar solo in the middle of the third minute is face-melting, and only the most seasoned young shredder can tackle it. Our instructors are especially attuned to these differences and adjust assigned songs and parts accordingly. The band as a whole is always set up to blow the socks off its audience while leaving every kid feeling fulfilled and proud of their hard work at the end of a performance season.