AllStars with Peter Klett of Candlebox

AllStars Perform On Stage with Their Rock Idols

It’s not hard to find youth programs with a celebrity name placed in the heading. Basketball camps, leadership conferences, filmmaking retreats — they’ve all got big names with a half-sincere promise that you get to shake your child’s idol’s hand at the end of the week.

At School of Rock, we not only regularly host workshops, shows, and special lessons with our kids’ rock idols — like Corey Taylor of Slipknot or Jasen Rauch of Breaking Benjamin — we take them on tour to perform with them. It’s part of our core mission to inspire kids to be dedicated to their craft, and there’s no better illustration of the power of dedication than having them perform alongside their idols on stage. One of the many programs we provide this through is the AllStars Tour.

The AllStars Tour is an annual summer tour in which the top 1% of our students, as identified through a rigorous months-long auditioning process, perform for two weeks at various legendary venues across the United States. This is an old School of Rock tradition that’s recently grown into something bigger than even we had originally anticipated.

This year’s AllStars Tour, which takes place between July 24th and August 6th, spans 18 states, 29 cities, and 31 venues, and hits festivals like LollaPalooza and MoPop and iconic rock hubs like Knitting Factory in Brooklyn and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Along the way, these talented kids are directed by veterans of the live music industry and perform alongside artists from bands like Shinedown, Candlebox, Breaking Benjamin, King’s X, Grizfolk and Twisted Sister.

Friends, family, and local rock supporters alike have come out in droves to see these kids perform on their tour. We can’t stress enough how magical the whole thing has become — not only for the kids, but also for those who witness these kids transform from bedroom hobbyists to bonafide rockstars.

Contact us if you’d like to hear more about the AllStars Tour and the many other performance-based music education programs we offer. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about how we help kids develop a love for music and performance!